Current Staff

We are currently staffed by

  • Dr. Nandakumar Menon, MBBS,DABS,FACS who has trained in CMC Vellore and New York, USA
  • Dr. Shylaja Devi, MBBS MD DGO(Obstetrics and Gynecology) studied at the Trivandrum Medical College. Dr.Nandakumar and Dr.Shylaja have been working here since 1990.
  • Dr. Premila Nair MD DCH - retired professor of Pediatrics, Trivandrum Medical College, spends four months a year working on the Community Health programme.
  • Dr. Mridula Rao MBBS,PGDFM (CMC,Vellore) studied at the Salem Medical College.
  • Dr. Mahantu Yalsangi BDS,MPH who is looking after the Community Health Programme and Clinical Epidemiology Unit
  • Dr. Susmita Chandramouleeswaran MBBS MD DPM (Psychiatry),PGD (Epidemiology), Consultant Psychiatrist CMC Vellore alumnus , helps out with Psychiatry in & out patients and Clinical Epidemiology Unit.
  • Dr. Royson Jerome Dsouza , MBBS studied at the St.John's Medical College,Bangalore. He is currently doing his two year rural bond at Gudalur Adivasi Hospital
  • Dr. Wesley Rajaleelan MBBS MD DA (Anaesthesiology) Consultant Anesthesiologist,CMC Vellore alumnus
  • Dr. Dhanya Narayan BDS,PGDHHM,MBA - Hospital Administration
  • Dr. Sr.Vimal Jyothy MBBS,FCGP,FCAMS - Family Physician
  • Dr .Prajula Sudhakaran BDS

Junior doctors from St. John’s Medical College work with us as part of their bond programme. We have other visiting doctors from different part of the country and the world.

We are looking for doctors, at both senior and junior levels, who will work with out-patients as well as in the operating theatre, labour room and with critically ill patients. They will go on Mobile Clinics and village visits to the eight adivasi areas as part of the Community Health Programme. Gudalur town has a shortage of specialist doctors and there is vast scope for expansion into other interests and specializations.

Accommodation can be provided in close proximity to the Hospital. Our Hospital and Guesthouse Canteens are available to cater to meals.

We are actively looking for doctors / nurses / administrators / social workers and those interested in other aspects of running a secondary care hospital. We hope to expand our facilities and provide more services to the adivasi communities based on needs and special interests.

We are always happy to hear from doctors who would like to volunteer for any length of time.

Our complete postal address and telephone numbers are given in the Contact Us page. Please write your views to us. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Click here to send a mail to us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.